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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Adoption News: An Important Advocacy, Research and Resource Center is Closing

Ever since  sometime during The Wait -- probably around mid-2007 (educated guesstimate)  -- I've been on the mailing list for the Donaldson Adoption Institute.  DAI isn't an adoption agency, per se; they are an organization devoted to researching multiple aspects of the Gordian knot of issues surrounding adoption (in particular trans-national, trans-racial, and trans-cultural), providing information & insight, and trying to help... well, just figure things out.

Make that, "...WAS an organization devoted to..."  because their latest email contains the surprising news that they are closing.

You can click on either the link above (their name) or here: www.adoptioninstitute.org to get the word straight from the horse's mouth.

 This may not have a direct impact on individual families (although the loss of any half-decent, independent resource is bad news), but it certainly seems to reflect a change in priorities among ADI's primary source of funding... the adoption community.

Time alone will tell what's been lost... and what other changes may begin bubbling to the surface in the U.S. adoption community as a whole.

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