My niece joined the family on July 12th, 2010. This special young lady's mother is my younger sister, which in classic Chinese culture makes me her Jiu Jiu (舅舅) -- thus the title of this blog. Here I intend to semi-regularly post reflections, thoughts, stories, and assorted whathaveyous pertaining to our trip to China, adoption in general, and (mostly) watching my niece grow up. Since the web is a very public place, I will attempt to maintain my family's privacy while telling the story... but I invite you to follow the blog and come along for the adventure!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Nope, not a misspelling... You'll see.

I'll put up a "real" post very soon, I promise -- but in the meantime here's a quickie from just a couple of days ago.

Earlier this week, while the Pipsqueak was (as usual) at Grandma & Grandpa's (or, as she often says, Grandma and Papa's), Mom was doing her best to keep her little Chinese nuclear reactor granddaughter occupied when the phone rang.  It was an old friend who had News, and Mom needed to get some details from her. As the conversation grew longer, Miri started trying to get Mom's attention and was repeatedly shushed. (Miri has an internal timer that lets you talk to someone else on the phone this long before having to pay attention to her again.)

Mom was relieved when the Pipsqueak finally (apparently) gave up and stomped annoyedly into the next room where she sat down with paper & crayons. A few minutes later, she stomped back into the kitchen (where Mom was still catching up on the phone) and held up her artwork so Grandma could see it.

It wasn't a picture, it was a sign: "YOU ARE AGNORING ME!"

Mom said she laughed so hard, she almost dropped the phone.  After the call ended, Miri had specific instructions: the sign was to be kept in a safe place until Grandma died, after which she would get it back.  Mom agreed and the two of them had a good laugh.

A little while later, Mom told me about it while we were trying to coordinate events on the phone -- and suddenly burst out laughing because Miri had just held up another sign with a big smile: "YOU ARE STILL AGNIRING ME!"

Aside from the spelling glitches, I think my niece got her message across quite clearly, don't you...?

(Oh, and I've had her with me several hours every day so far this week -- the main reason I'm behind on posting here. Luckily I only had to watch Sabrina Carpenter's "Eyes Wide Open" video 7 times in a row on Monday before Miri decided on another song.)

Gotta love this kid!

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