My niece joined the family on July 12th, 2010. This special young lady's mother is my younger sister, which in classic Chinese culture makes me her Jiu Jiu (舅舅) -- thus the title of this blog. Here I intend to semi-regularly post reflections, thoughts, stories, and assorted whathaveyous pertaining to our trip to China, adoption in general, and (mostly) watching my niece grow up. Since the web is a very public place, I will attempt to maintain my family's privacy while telling the story... but I invite you to follow the blog and come along for the adventure!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Not Quite a Real Post, but A Post Nonetheless...!

I'm in the middle of prepping for an exam (early in the process of getting certified as a medical coder & biller), filing a decade's worth of assorted papers that are sorted in assorted boxes on the floor, helping get the folks and the Pipsqueak to & from a variety of appointments and activities, and fighting desperately to keep my eyes open... So this post's gonna be short.

We had a nice Independence Day, with fireworks on the 5th due to weather. (Details in an upcoming post.)

We spent a large portion of last month happily celebrating the Pipsqueak's 7th birthday. (Details in one, maybe two or three, upcoming posts.)

AJ had Miri's entire summer mapped out to ensure she would have plenty of activities & time with friends so our folks could catch a break from babysitting... only to have one week-long "camp" cancelled just before it began and then an entire week of Chinese School Camp cancelled for mid-month so now we're once again scrambling to figure out how to keep her happily busy without using up 25 hours of every day of Mom & Dad's time. (Updates & details in upcoming posts.)

And, in closing, I just wanted to kvell a little... Ever since AJ started her paperchase, I've become something of an honorary father, complete with a Father's Day card every year. This year the Pipsqueak took things into her own hands (literally!) and made me a very special gift with a little help from her Mommy. I've worn it only once so far, but deep down inside I think it's kinda stylin' -- whatchu think?

It says "dinos" on the pocket because my niece knows I'm a
dinosaur aficionado (note the poster in the background).
Anyway, it's late and I want to get in another hour with my online course so I'll sign off for the time being... See y'all soon!

PS - No, my bedroom drapes are NOT black. They're a nice, rich, deep red color but somehow that didn't get picked up by my camera.


  1. The fact that you used the word "KVELL" in your post makes me love you more than I already did.