My niece joined the family on July 12th, 2010. This special young lady's mother is my younger sister, which in classic Chinese culture makes me her Jiu Jiu (舅舅) -- thus the title of this blog. Here I intend to semi-regularly post reflections, thoughts, stories, and assorted whathaveyous pertaining to our trip to China, adoption in general, and (mostly) watching my niece grow up. Since the web is a very public place, I will attempt to maintain my family's privacy while telling the story... but I invite you to follow the blog and come along for the adventure!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Just A Quickie in the Minutes In-Between

Lots going on lately, most good (for a happy change). Some medical scares came & went, some minor medical concerns are coming but so far insist on remaining minor. We had the annual visit from the Long Island branch of the family (and it really is "Long Island" and not "Lawnguyland") and that was a whole bunch o'fun. We have concert tickets for October that the Pipsqueak doesn't know about yet but was asking about a week ago, some beach time with good friends is coming up soon, and I'm slowly but surely plowing forward to stay on target to complete my coding & billing certification this year.

The problem is, there's a LOT going on, so I'm kinda sorta typing this in between doing three or four other things (at least two of them simultaneously)... So please forgive the brevity of this post, more info (and photos and silly comments, etc.) will be posted shortly!

Oh, and someone please explain to that idiot Al Trautwig how adoption, and love, and parenting, and family building all work. Thanks.

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