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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Present Day - What, Me Worry?

Hoo, boy.  I guess it's time for a dangerous confession: I finally have a true understanding what for years I thought was a type of insanity on the part of my mother when it came to the safety & well-being of her brood. (I don't think there's any way I can communicate how downright scary that statement is!)

As I mentioned previously, the Pipsqueak's not been feeling too well, and it got to the point where AJ made an appointment with the pediatrician (as opposed to just discussing things over the phone). Last night, while we were talking on the phone, Mom told me that some of the Pipsqueak's behaviors were actually scaring her grandparents because they seemed so out of character... She actually wrote a list for AJ to discuss with the doctor. Now, you've got to understand that Mom isn't one of those "glass half empty" or "glass half full" people -- she's a member of the tiny minority who takes a close look, blanches, and screams, "IS THAT A CRACK IN THE GLASS?!?!?"...so of course by the time she was done giving me the details I was feeling a little panicky myself.

Fast-forward to this afternoon. While heading to work, my bluetooth headset wouldn't stop going beep so as soon I had a chance, I checked the phone -- and found an undated voicemail from Mom telling me to please call Dad's cell phone ASAP. (Mom also has her own cell phone but she often can't hear it when it's buried in her handbag, so we invariably have to use Dad's anyway, go figure... )

I figure I'm almost at work, I'll call from there... but first I'll check in with AJ to hear what the doc said about the Pipsqueak. I walk into the place, hang up my jacket, head down the hall... and my sister's office is closed & locked; she hasn't come in at all today.

I do a quick 2+2 in my head and immediately come to a horrible conclusion.

There's no answer at my folks' house so I call Dad's cell phone and (as usual) Mom answers. After a somewhat confused exchange over who left a message for me when, we realize it's just good ol' Verizon delivering VMs days (sometimes weeks!) after they're left -- that message was so old, neither of my folks could remember when they'd left it. Mom also enlightened me to the fact that my sister was so frazzled by yesterday's insanity at work (a long, sad story not for this forum) that she told me about the Pipsqueak's appointment but neglected to mention she was taking the day off to stay with the little one.

Mom & I kept apologizing to each other and had a bit of a laugh before hanging up... but now I'm worried about all those years of her craziness suddenly not seeming crazy anymore...!

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