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Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Harbinger of Things to Come...?

Just a quick present-day note before finishing (I promise, really I do!) the OC story...

The Pipsqueak was feeling very two-ish the other day, driving Grandma & Grandpa slightly nuts after the picked her up from day care.  She's always liked cheese, always liked pizza, always liked mushrooms, especially liked having the three combined... So of course when presented with a piece of mushroom pizza from a nearby eatery whose pizza she's enjoyed many times, she refused the pizza, refused the cheese when it was peeled off the crust, then literally flung pieces of mushroom across the kitchen and began to cry.  (Later in the evening, she happily demolished any & all of the same pizza that Mommy was trying to eat.)

The above episode notwithstanding (and it was just one of many that evening), the moment that made Grandma laugh out loud (presumably to avoid crying by that point) came a while later.  The Pipsqueak had begun coloring, then wanted to watch the Wiggles on TV instead... which she semi-ignored until, in a sudden burst of manic energy, she flung her crayons around the room.   After Grandma had requested that Miri pick up her crayons several times (and been ignored or countered several times), she resorted to some "tough love" and laid down an ultimatum: pick up the crayons or the Wiggles are turned off.

This, of course, flew like the proverbial lead balloon... so Grandma did the unthinkable and she turned off the Wiggles show while the Pipsqueak was still (kinda-sorta) watching. Once Miri had finished expressing her displeasure with this heinous act of reprehensibly vindictive mistreatment, the episode came to a close with the following exchange:

(Grandma) "Miri, if you pick up your crayons, you can watch the Wiggles, but you have to pick up your crayons first."

[Short, contemplative silence]

(Pipsqueak) "Watch Wiggles, then get crayons!"


I can't wait 'til the kid's a teenager...!  <8-o

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