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Sunday, December 18, 2016

At Long Last...!

One of these days, I'll actually catch up on what's been happening during the year... in the meantime, today was a red-letter day!

You might remember a series of posts about my (mis)adventures in creating an Olaf-themed toy chest for the Pipsqueak [here, here, and here].  Unfortunately, the chest has been sitting in my foyer since then, occasionally holding up a few shopping bags or the day's mail; AJ simply hasn't had a place to put the darn thing. (This has been especially puzzling to her older brother who specifically chose a chest that can act as a child's seat as well as storage chest to replace a couple of the large, space-occupying-but-otherwise-useless big baskets or cardboard "toy chests" she's been using for years... but that's a whole 'nother can of worms.)

Well, imagine my surprise when the following showed up on my phone a little while ago:

And here's my response:

It's a bit late today, but it looks like last year's birthday gift will be part of this year's Hanukkah gift! Cue the fireworks and celestial trumpets...!

(Dude, you're forgetting something...!)

Oh, yeah, before I go... Every time I mourn the loss of all those cute Pipsqueakisms of Miri's toddlerhood, she comes up with something new to remind me that even in the field of speech she is definitely her own person. The latest two:

- "I'm so cold my teeth are jittering!"
- "Mommy, I want you to read me a bed night story."

Also, she has lately taken to singing "The Twelve Nights of Christmas" whenever given half a chance... at least in between complaining about the apparent lack of attention the public is paying to Hanukkah and wondering aloud "why is everything only Christmas?" The catch is that what she's singing is only the melody of TTNoC but the lyrics are some nonsense silliness that one of her BFFs taught her... and she thinks it's absolutely hilarious when one of us tries to correct her with whatever part of the real lyrics we can remember. [1]

So, anyway, here we be, I'll be posting again soon... Stay warm, y'all! 

[1] I'm good with the partridge, turtledoves, French hens, calling birds, and golden rings... just please don't ask me to remember the correct order of anything after that!

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